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What┤s here?

GIFs: All GIFs are displayed on this free GIF page in the form of
thumbnails. A GIF catalog and an easy-to-use drop-down menu make searching
in this large selection of over 8000 GIFs child's play.
Webmastertools: Additionally there is here much for the building of the own homepage . See you simply times over...



Approx. 8000 different animated GIFs await you here. Using the drop-down
menu at the top of the page, you can easily select a section or
subsection. In addition, you can use the menu on the left and its 20 GIF
links. New GIFs are added on a weekly basis. More details are also
available in the News and Updates section.


Homepage tools

In this area, you can put together your homepage. There are graphic tools;
you can create buttons and banners; even the design of entire web pages is
possible. A web page check tool rounds the palette off.



Partners become

If you have page that gets a lot of traffic, we'd like to have you as a
partner. Your page would appear on the start page.


Webmaster Links

Lots of important stuff for the construction of a homepage. There is also
a homepage forum.



Links to other web pages that have a banner exchange with me. Would you
like to sign up too?


What is new?

That last update was  13.09.08

The latest updates on the  News and updates Page


Guest book

I would be very pleased to have you sign my guest book.



If you have a suggestion about a possible change to the page or a request
to have a GIF presented on the page again, please e-mail me at


Banner exchange

If you don't want to do a banner exchange with me, no problem. Your page
will then be placed in the link list.



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